Saturday, September 26, 2009

~Tour de Boring Life~

People often said that, being Chemical Engineering students, we are definitely bound to the phrase "busy and stressful", since it is recognized as the most difficult course in engineering.

Very true, I am definitely "busy and stressful", but with a totally different meaning.

I am very "busy being boring". I am very "stressful doing nothing".

You see, here in UPM, Chemical Engineering Students have no assignment, no tutorial and no quiz to be done, that we are totally academically pressure-free! (In fact, I have no idea what an assignment is...) Compared to those students from Mechenical Engineering Course, who sighed sporadically, complaining about the tonnes of lab reports, tutorials, assignments, and sketching to be done, we look like a bunch of jobless people.

I thought that all Chemical Engineering students are so carefree, yet when I look at the students from UM and UTM... I start to wonder: Will I be a professional engineer in the future if I continue studying here? Those from UM and UTM are busy like hell!!

Anyway, I am here to talk about the lifestyle we are having here. Boring or not, it's up to you to decide.

Here's an introduction to my coursemates! Hmmm... I think I will start with the Course Night!

Tadaa~~! Here's everyone! There 22 of us if not mistaken~
(Only 7 guys~ @.@)

And that night, I ridiculously became the Course King... T^T
(I was even awarded the CROWN!! and there's the QUEEN~~)

Don't be scared everyone! It's just a photo of PCK that we use for our sketch that night!

In our daily life, people from College 10 and 11 cannot be seperated from the word PAGAR. Why? Because the only Chinese food available around us is outside UPM. Hence, during our first night in UPM, our seniors already organized "trip" to the "famous restaurant" in our area!

first, you need to cross this small bridge...

turn to the right...

reach our secret exit - PAGAR! Don't see how to get out?

This is the correct way!!
(Demonstrator: Lee Yeu Chuan - my coursemate ^^)

And we are outside UPM!!
(Happily demonstrated by Hong Peng - my coursemate~!)

This way....~~

This is the most famous restaurant here! BOH LOONG!!

People mountain people sea~~
(This is the only place which has Chinese around here! PORK!!!)

McD and KFC is also available~~

There's Mini Market~~

As we are living in College, College activity is sometimes unavoidable. (Although I am certain that the activity here is already on the minimum level...)

For example, we had fire-alarm exercise in the middle of the night 3am... Ambulance and firefighter arrived at the scene when everyone was wearing the "What the hell? Why I have to wake up now?" look.

Of course, although we only know each other for 3 months, Birthday should still be celebrated together!

Cakes from Secret Recipe...
(As thin as paper, as expensive as diamond...)

Here's the other coursemate! From left: Chee Hong, Kam Rong and Shiuh Haur
(They are holding the PRESENTS, believe me... They really are presents!
Just that they are wrapped with layers of newspaper!)
The presents? Erm... Chocolate, false eyelashes, and Cond*m...
(I will leave the last to your imagination!)

Who is this doing such embarrassing action? You guess...

Nevertheless, We are always very free to enjoy the sunset at our Fac...

This just shows how free and boring we are...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

~Tour de Fac~

Well... There's nothing much to tell about the Faculty. I guess I will just show you around, and explain them as we proceed.

First, you need to cross this RM1 million worth's "skybridge"~

That's the lab~ but we are not using it yet. maybe 2 more years...
Main building
DK, BK, BT and Lecturer's Office are here~

Decorative Helicopter? (Or do they use it for Aerospace Engineering?)

You will walk by this Tasik~~

And reach the DK~~

Sitting on a strange chair~~

Attending Useless tutorial at BT~~

And visit the lecturers at the office~
(KKA means Kejuruteraan Kimia dan Alam Sekitar)

Hmmm... That's all for the Tour de Fac... Nothing much as expected. I think it's mostly the same in most Uni...

What's next would be fun! Tour de Boring Life!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

~Tour de College~

ひさしぶり ~好久不见~

Oh my... How long has it been since my last post? The date says it's 14 June... 3 month, huh? My, my... How time flies...

Well, I believe most of my friends are having their Uni lives now. Sadly, ever since I get into my University, I haven't update my blog for even a bit. (business or laziness, I wonder?) And some friends here and there have been urging me to update them. So, here I am, writing about my latest life - the UPM life.

Let's start with the day of enrollment...

Hmm... Nothing special happened at the registration, but what happened later was what I had hoped for. (Or rather, waiting for something to not happen)

3pm... after my parents left, I was alone in my room. What was I doing? Waiting for the first meeting of the orientation week which was at 5.30pm. Also, at the same time, waiting for my so called "roommate".

You see, we live in COLLEGE 10, where all the residents are guys, and the room is arranged by the MTM (Majlis Tertinggi Mahasiswa) in such a way that you live with the people from the same race and the same course in the same room (that's my only gratitude towards them). So my supposed roommate was a Chinese and one from Chemical Engineering Course.

5pm... The time for registration was closed. Immediately I picked up my cellphone, pressed the quick dial, and called my mother.

"YAHOOO!!! Mom, I am living ALONE!!!" I told her.

Yeah, that's what I am going to share in this blog - MY ROOM!!

No, no. It is not OUR room, it's MINE!

What happened during the orientation was completely useless and boring, so I had no point of telling them here. Instead, I plan to show you MY ROOM.

"Nah... What's so good about living alone?" you might ask. Well, it's a different story if all the facilities are around you! (FENG SHUI ROOM~~)

~My Lovely Room~
(To me, it's quite clean and tidy already. >.<)

What's the basic furniture here? Well, for 2 person, they will have 1 desk each, and 1 desk to be shared; 1 cabinet each, and 1 to be shared; 1 bed each; 1 power supply each. Which means... I alone have 3 desk, 2 bed, 3 cabinet and a whole lot of space!!

1 desk for books~ 1 desk as kitchen~

another desk for computer~

one bed for myself~

one bed for my wives!! (guitar)

there's 1 mirror and 3 cabinet~

1 for clothes, 1 for other stuff and 1 for... (still to be decided, empty for now)

shoes~and yes, there's the red slippers.
there's no problem with your eyes.

my indoor slippers~!
thanks to Shin Tsai who bought for me
(with EVIL intention or not, i guess...)

And here's why I said my room is FENG SHUI~ (Digi: HOU WONG AR!!!)

This is the floor plan~ My room is the circled one!

This is why my room is so great!

There's only 1 washing machine each floor~
and it is opposite my room!

the only pantry and water cooler each floor~
It's opposite my room~!

I use this place alone~~


Toilet...(At least cleaner than KMPP)

Met my coursemate washing clothes~!

Ummm...What's this? It's a resting area in front of the lift...
Something's there...

Umm... I have to say, students nowadays are poor....
Selling KENEGARAAN and DADIH... =.="

Kafe... With really unappetizing food~
down there... Basketball for Chinese, Futsal for Malay~

Here's the bus stop~!

Anyway, another reason for my room to be so FENG SHUI, is that the internet router is very very near to my room! If I download at midnight 3am, the speed can reach a record breaking 400kBps!!

Of course, internet has a limit of 40 hours per week. However, since most people are too far from the router, hence poor connection, they give me their account to be used! So... I have over 120 hours of access time per week! (=.=" i cant finish them at all....)

So, that's all for today! Next would be "Tour de Fac"!!