Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ridiculous ~Dedication to the Perak Gang~ (Finale)

“Everyone head’s down…”

Killer, please raise your head and kill a target…”

Doctor, please rescue a person.”

Spy, please choose a suspect.”

“Everyone, it’s a bad news. Poh Yin, you are DEAD!”

Oh, my condolence… You must be a very evil person that people want to take revenge on you…

“Nope, it must be that the murderer is afraid that I am clever enough to point her out, so killed me first.”

She said proudly. Wahaha! Miss ghost detective was just so full of confidence.

Anyway, before continuing, let’s flash back for a little.

We finally reached my house after an hour, taking a detour at a Mamak stall. My sis was quite fed up with her age, so she was keeping to herself without mingling around. (Refer:

Here’s the question again. We have 10 persons, and we only have 2 bathrooms available. How much time is needed for all of us to get cleaned? Haha, the answer, approximately 1 hour 20 minutes and 19 seconds! (Girls always take long bath, can someone explain why?)

By the time we all finished, Tai Pang was already lying dead on his bed (floor to be exact). He was just too tired. Song Dwo, on the other hand, just couldn’t let his hand off the BLEACH COMIC which I have been collecting all this while.

He fell asleep after reading BLEACH

Is this japanese curtain really special? >.<

After that, which was already 2 a.m. in the morning, and since no one was going to sleep, we thought that a simple game would be fun. Yes, we were playing the “KILLER” game in the GIRLS’ BEDROOM mentioned above, which I had no idea who invented it. Chiew Chin was sleepy, so she didn’t join the game.

Just when we were immersed with the suspense of “who dune it?”, suddenly, the rain poured and the wind howled.

“Wow, the wind is so strong!” Poh Yin said.

“Well, yeah. It’s always like this here. It will become really cold when it rains here. You could even hear the howling of the wind.” I explained.

Yeah, the wind is so strong, such that it produces whistling sound when it passes through the gaps of the window which is partially shut. It’s just like ghost crying.

“Yikes! That’s so creepy!” She shouted.

“Maybe the KILLER is coming!”

Well said, Song Dwo… Thanks for scaring the girls. Now they were all screaming. And then…



Whoa… Their screaming was really a mess! Thanks to Song Dwo’s big mouth, even the wind decided to take part in “scaring the girls” game. It just bang shut the door!

“Calm down, calm down. It’s just the door. I’ll go check it out.”

With that said, I left to check the main wooden door, leaving Song Dwo being beaten by the girls.

Their fight was something like this...

When I reach the door, I was stunned by what I saw. I took out my handphone and called my sister.

“Hey, erm… Please wake father up. Erm… the door is STUCKED… I mean really STUCKED!!!”

My sister listened to me as if I had suddenly lost my mind. But luckily she did wake my father and come to the rescue.

About what happened, it’s difficult to explain. So, I’ll just let you all see the picture and skip the technical part.

This is viewed from interior. You can understand, right?

Anyway, everyone was shocked that we were stuck, what’s ridiculous is that I was stuck in my own house! That’s ridiculous indeed! Why did LADY FATE has to pick this night to play such “INCONSIDERABLE” TRICK?

They are excited or scared? = .="

“Looks like we’ll have to contact the firefighter.” Dad said, after our half an hour effort of banging and cracking the door.

“It’s too late tonight. So I think we should continue tomorrow morning.” I suggested.

And so, everyone went to sleep…

2 guys and 7 girls… What sort of fantasy can we have?…

No, we didn’t. I had the worse night. No, it’s not like what you think that I get to squeeze with the girls. (That won’t be bad at all). I was sleeping in another room with Song Dwo. Luckily there’s still spare bed in my father’s office. However, the spring was all broken. And so, I had to sleep with backache.

What’s more? I was wearing that sexy futaka and I didn’t even have a blanket. Don’t forget that it’s raining. As cold as it can be, yet the mosquitoes were very actively attacking me that night!

I couldn’t  sleep at!!!

Well, at 7.30a.m. I woke everyone up as supposed, with minor dizziness and headache. Then, operation “Bang the door with all you can” started. With me and Song Dwo as the only guys there, the duty naturally fell on us.

“1, 2 Bang!! 1,2, Bang!!”

“We need someone BIG to hold the other half of the door from outside, wake Tai Pang up!”

Tai Pang who was sleeping next door, in my room, where I and Song Dwo should have been sleeping together was saved from the disaster.  Just because he slept early and was spared!! How unfair!!

“Don’t joke with me…” He said, still not fully conscious.

But when he got over to our place, you could see that his chin nearly fell, with his “I thought that was a prank call” look.

That's the look he was having...

And here is it, my friends! The moment of FREEDOM after hours of struggle!!!

Please purchase the original "THE DOOR OF ADVENTURE" DVD from ME!!

Well, at least we get out safe!!

As for my sister, she was HAPPY TO SEE US GOT TRAPPED, and blogged on her BLOGSPOT!! (

And we even made it safely to Gurney Plaza to celebrate Tze May’s Birthday!

Featuring KY the RAPPER~ YO~


After that, it time to go home. Everyone has the sad look on their faces. They must be sad having to leave me. I am glad to know that. ^^

On second thought, maybe they didn't miss me at all. Just boring waiting for the bus.

You all are always welcomed here! (I mean, anyone homeless, just like them...)

That's all for the RIDICULOUS day and night! (I Believe that I have completely defined them, using highlights.)


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ridiculous ~Dedication to the Perak Gang~ (Part III)

The taxi I took was the first to arrive. And in front of the cinemas, we were troubled with a very serious problem – what should we watch?

“Don’t ask me. I don’t watch movie once in a blue moon.”

I declared. I leave the choice to Tai Pang and Song Dwo.

After some discussions…

WATCHMEN seems to be nice. The effect of the movie seen in the commercial seems to be very good.”

“Then it’s decided!”

That’s the conclusion.

~The Watchmen~

And in the end, it turned out to be a very, very ridiculous movie, when you are going to watch with everyone.

Well, to me, the movie is acceptable. The director and scriptwriter tried their best to portray that there’s no definite boundary between good and evil, and that when it comes to peace, there’s always a price to pay. In other words, there’s no absolute peace. There’s always a violence trigger before peace comes.

That’s my interpretation and my interest. I wanted try to enjoy the show and comment on some of the values it reflects, but I don’t think I would be able to. Because…

 “How long is this movie going to be?”

Tai Pang, next to me, just couldn’t wait to get his BUTT up from the uncomfortable seat, so are the rest of the gang.

They just couldn’t enjoy such boring movie. To them, and of course, to most of the audiences, trivial matters such as philosophy between good and evil, value of peace, power of god and etc just doesn’t matter at all! What they want are actions like the one in Batman or Spiderman. It’s always good crushes evil and the good always win. And there’s no need for lengthy dialogue, just add more car crashes, explosion, punches and weapons! That’s what’s interesting!

I just couldn’t stop smiling observing everyone’s annoyed and boring face. Haha! And when the show is boring, everyone would try to chat to enlighten the atmosphere, right?

Tai Pang, you should grab on to me when a scary scene is around right?” I said that to make him laugh.

However, his reply sent chills down my spine.

“Not here. Only in your room… t..o..n..i..g..h..t..

With that, the 3 hours long movie finally ended! Great news for them, and they left the cinema, complaining about the boring show.

Haha! It’s really ridiculous to watch a show so boring, and takes up 3 hours!

Thanks to the “consumer-tricking” commercial!!

Movies always appear to be very exciting and interesting in trailers, don’t they?

This movie leaves a scar. The next time we see an eerie SMILEY with bloodshed, we'll...

Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TZE MAY! It’s 12 AM already, and it’s your birthday!

I hope that you are always healthy and happy. May wishes come true!

See, the true reason these people come to my house, was to celebrate Tze May’s birthday!

I sincerely wished that we all have an ENJOYABLE night, for the sake of her birthday.

With that said, we did have an ENJOYABLE night, I think, as the DOOR TO ADVENTURE awaits…

 Frankly, I hoped that this was not the door which we were supposed to enter...

Ridiculous ~Dedication to the Perak Gang~ (Part II)

Have you ever heard any story about Jesus feeding 5000 men? The bread that appeared miraculously from the 5 loaves of bread was indeed fascinating. (Read more here:

Don’t you think it would be great if we could have such an item? Such that food appears continuously from it and we would never starve…

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s proud to announce that I did have a plate, which could continuously grow meat! And I have to say…

No! Definitely not! It’s not good at all!

“Bring it on, guys!”

I intended to challenge the impossible.

The food taken was too much indeed.

“Keep BURNING the meat, and I will eat them all!” I announced.

The time was already 7.00pm. We had been eating for nearly one and a half hour already and still, there’s sign of unfinished food.

And so, there I had, a miraculous plate, which after I emptied the content into my stomach, some meat will appear again. (They kept cooking the meat and refill my plate… = . = )

I looked at the other 2 MALES…

“I am stuffed…”

“I am stuffed too…”

What? How come you two are defeated so easily?! Song Dwo could be forgiven… He is just of my size. But, Tai Pang, you should be eating more!!!

Tai Pang. He took so many food and stopped eating after an hour...

Song Dwo is just the same size as me. So I don't really blame him.

Ah… don’t mind them! At least we still have our final hope – Ai Theng!!! But…

“I don’t like to eat those fish balls and sort…”

Looks like we couldn’t depend on her after all… She came in late, but she barely touched the food on the table! All I could see was that she finished 3 cups of ice-cream and 2 ice kacang… Ai Theng, are you here just for dessert?

Tze May on the left, Ai Theng on the right, with her cup of leftover ice-cream...

However, I was quite surprised that in the end, the last two standing were me and Wen Nian.

~The last two standing - Wen Nian and Me~

I wonder if she taste good...

In the end, we managed to finish off most of the food. (That doesn’t count the food which I hid into various places! Sorry manager, we definitely don’t want to pay the fine…)

The final scene ~ Can you spot where I hid the unfinished?

And so, we hopped on to another taxi and was on our way to the second destination – Queen’s Bay Mall!

Anyway, it was fun! Let's have a group photo!

Ridiculous ~A Dedication to the Perak Gang~ (Part I)

How do you define RIDICULOUS?

To me, it is accurately defined when a bunch of people (10 persons to be accurate) are together and then a series of idiotic and silly things happens, prior to “thoughtless” human acts, or due to “consumer-tricking” commercials, or even due to Lady Fate’s “inconsiderable” trick on us.

To one of us, it might simply be “I thought that it was a prank call”, that turned out to be unbelievably real at 8.00 in the morning.

As for someone else, it’s just a pleasure of seeing people suffer, taking photos of their misfortune and blogging it over her BLOGSPOT.

It’s simply ridiculous, isn’t it? You don’t get what I mean, I believe. So was I during Friday the 21st. Really, it was very ridiculous indeed, for a normal Friday to end up in a mess…

And, it all began with a simple sentence…



“You all can stay over at my place.”

I recalled that I had said something like this to Wen Nian, and the next thing I knew, was a gang of people, so called the Perak Gang, was going to stay over at my house for one night.

I was delighted, to be honest. It had been quite some time since I had guest.

And so, on that cloudy Friday, with some tiny rain drops falling on my shoulder, I walked towards the guard house, along with Tai Pang and Song Dwo.

“Oh, you boys! We girls aren’t even using an umbrella!” Wen Nian and the rest shouted towards us.

Well, it was raining. Why can’t boys use umbrellas? Isn’t that the sole purpose of umbrella being created?

However, on hindsight, maybe we were a little bit too lovely-dovely. I didn’t have an umbrella, so I was sharing one with the tall and manly Tai Pang. (That’s the reason some rain drops fell on my shoulder. He is just too big) Song Dwo, on the other hand, was having a cute pink umbrella in his hand. So… I don’t think I want to make any further comment.

Soon, our van arrived and after an hour trip, we arrived at the jetty. I soon found that I was surrounded by very disturbing noise.

“Wahahahaha!! Yeah, yeah!! That’s it!”

“Yeah, then it’s like this and like that!”

“Hahaha!! That’s so stupid!”

“Yeah, Yeah! Blah… Blah… Blah…

No, it’s not really crowded at the jetty. It’s them!

Am I the only one not getting excited? Or is it always like this when a bunch of girls are together? Perhaps the saying “it’s a market when 3 girls meet” is true after all.

So, here’s the problem now. We had 9 girls, including 2 girls who are not going to my house but crossing the strait. And given that the intensity of the noise is an exponential function of the number of girls, such that, INTENSITY OF NOISE = µ0 (number of girls) · (speed of words coming out from their mouths), calculate the energy released per unit area.

Song Dwo, we might need your help in solving this question…

But I soon found out that he was one of them! Ok… so everyone around us was looking at us with those “who are those noisy dudes?” look. I think I better pretend that I don’t know them and was only listening to my earphones.


Introducing some of the noise generators!
(Just jk… don’t kill me…)

Apparently crossing the strait was nothing. Problem started when we reach the Penang Island.

“Ting Yik, do you know where is the HOUSE OF STEAMBOAT?” Tze May asked.

“What? Of course I don’t know.”

Oh god… I thought I had repeated this answer for many times. And didn’t you say that you and Wen Nian will find out where it is?

“I just heard that it is somewhere near KDU college…” she replied.

Good, then let’s go there by taxi!

“HOUSE OF STEAMBOAT? It’s next to UMNO building.” Yee Hong said.


Tze May, it was lucky that we didn’t go to KDU! Thank god… Nope, thank Yee Hong. You saved the day. She was not coming with us, but she saved us from getting lost!

And so, in 2 taxis, we arrived at our destination, safely.

Frankly, the restaurant looked good. The decoration was nice, giving great atmosphere. Most importantly, it’s clean and neat. I didn’t see flies flying around the food.

After being taken to our seats and putting our bags, the gang started their “treasure hunt”. Song Dwo and I were incharged of taking care of the belongings, so we left the job of selecting food to the rest.

And then… before I knew, the table was already full of food!

 = . =” there’s still one quarter of the food which is not within this picture.

As you can see, there were a lot of strange-shaped meat balls, crab meat, dim sum and seasoned meat. Who picked this menu? Why is it all meat? Aren’t girls supposed to be diet-conscious?

Strange-shaped food… Even starky is here! Poh Yin was crazy over it…

I looked at the table-full of food and looked at the sign board next to us. It reads…

  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

 _ _ _ _  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


Can we finish this? It’s RIDICULOUS!  Why do they take so much? You should think before you take anything!

That’s my thought at that time.

So much for the “thoughtless” human acts…

Don’t look around; it’s the thoughtless "Perak gang" I mean.

I started to have a bad feeling about this dinner.

It might be our LAST DINNER!

Wen Chin, please don’t be so happy over such a sign board. It’s a warning sign. = .=”


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Warning... It's another boring day...

Boredom is something I experience everyday. Even this blog is boring.

“Yada, yada…”

I sighed in the Japanese way as I walked.

The time was already 9.00pm and I just arrived at college, which I shouldn’t be. You couldn’t blame me for arriving one day later than when I was supposed to. I had minor food poisoning, so I rested at home, and come back to school only by Tuesday instead of Monday.

Anyway, I was carrying with me a stack of books.

“Physics experts? Real experts don’t waste their time on something like this…”

Oh, you are asking what physics experts is? Erm, it’s a group study and as you can see, it’s about physics. Very strange name, huh? I wonder who the genius is. For chemistry, we have chem-friend. For biology, we have bio-mate. So the one in-charged decided to put up the word “expert” as a way to be above the rest? I wonder what the study group for mathematics will be called, if we ever have one in the future. Math-master? Or something modern such as “math-dude”?

While my mind was filled with those meaningless thought, I had arrived at the physic lab. Upon entering the laboratory, I saw two extremely familiar faces which I haven’t been seeing for 3 days. They are my practicum mates, Wong and Goh. In our practicum, out of the 19 students, only the three of us are Chinese. So, it’s like we are always together wherever we go.

They were sitting shoulder to shoulder. Goh was asking Wong, the “God of God” some questions on physics, I believe. Wong has been the “God of God” ever since his arrival in this college. I don’t know when, but everyone has suddenly started to call him like that due to his extremely fast study progress in school and of course, the ability to understand and solve almost all the questions given.

“Hey, brother. Are you ok?” Goh greeted me.

Thanks for being so concern, Goh. Well, he is always the one who help me a lot. Really, I mean a lot, including helping me to sign attendance when I skip class and...

“So, do you need the MC?”

Yes, including providing me with fake medical certificate! That’s so nice of you. I certainly need one since I didn’t go to see a doctor.

“I am ok. Thanks! As for the MC, I will be getting it from you tomorrow.”

I replied as I sat down next to them and took my time observing the class.

Four persons only?! Wow, another record! Last time we at least had five persons!

~Goh on the left, Wong on the right~

Yeah, two practicums are to share one lab. As for our class, the attendance was extremely poor. Compared to the practicum next to us, they were at least triple of our number! All I have to say is - keep up the good work guys! We will strive for attendance of only 3 persons next time. In fact, I think we are cleverer than the next class. It’s a wise choice not to attend this time-wasting programme. Although I think I am not in the position to say so, am I?

Then, the teacher came and handed us the exercise. I had no idea what his/her name is. All I could say that he/she is very popular in the school. Yes, it is “he/she”. That’s why he/she is popular - we just can’t really determine his/her gender!

Swinging his/her butt as he/she leaves, we started to do our exercises like we were supposed to. And that was when Goh suddenly pick up his phone.

“Where are you? Why you didn’t come?”

From the statement, I could guess that he was talking to Jessica. She is in the next practicum and should be sharing the same lab as us. I did notice that she was not there, but it was none of my business. Goh, on the other hand, seemed to be very concern. Or maybe he was just boring and decided to chat about it?

“Ting Yik is at college already. He is fine.”

My attention immediately shifted to him as he mentioned my name suddenly. Why did everyone know that I was not in school? I received some sms already today, just to ask about my health.

“Everyone is concerned about your disappearance, I think.” Goh replied as if it was nothing special.

“I wonder if I could disappear for a week if it’s like that.”

“That is if you could provide yourself with a week worth of MC!” He laughed.

It’s a good thing to know, that actually there are people who are concerned about you.

Goh was laughing... I think.

Wong just sat there and remained silent. He is always very concentrated when he is doing his homework. That’s a good thing for being someone clever. However, never judge a book by its cover. In fact, he is actually the “SM KING”. But, never mind about that now. I’ll talk about it next time.

That's the look of the future scientist, I suppose...

Anyway, the session ended at 10.00pm. I decided to leave as soon as possible. Goh walked out of the lab with me and I thought of having an accompaniment on my way back, however...

“Hi, are you feeling better?”

A voice said gently and gracefully.

I looked up, and found that it was Chow who greeted me.

“Well, I am fine. Thanks for asking. Now, I shall be leaving ahead of you both. Right, Goh?”

He just smiled at me. Well, you don’t expect me to be a 1000 watt light bulb in front of this sweet couple, don’t you? How lucky he is, having Chow as his girlfriend.

As I took my turn near the library, I saw something, which caused me to pause and walked reversely to have a clear view again...

It’s really them!

Well, that’s nothing much of a surprise... Let’s have a look at the photo below.

Coupling is now a trend. When I first arrived at this college, the innocent me had never seen any of my friends coupling before. No, I did. But they were all not classmate. How do you expect coupling to occur in an all-boys school? All I knew was that some of my classmate has girlfriend already, however I know little about the lives they lead. Hence, at this college, I had experienced a lot of “lovely-dovely” shock at first, instead of cultural shock. And now, I am already so numb towards this couple thing, that I wouldn’t even be shocked if one of my friends falls in love with another guy’s girlfriend. Well, let’s just say a lot had happened recently, and I had listened to more than enough of love stories.

Two pairs of couple studying together... Are they going all out for this couple thing as we only have a month left for college life? They weren’t doing the “coupled-couple”, were they?

Anyway, I went into the library after seeing them through the window. I walked up to them, and without even give a greeting, took out my handphone, and snapped a photo of them, and left just like that, leaving the four in total cluelessness. Let’s have a good look at who are they.

Left: YM and EW Right: WS and JP
(initials should be enough...)

That ends my boring night for today. To everyone reading this, it’s boring, right? I warned you that this is going to be boring... didn’t I? It’s in the very first sentence already!


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Again... It's Boredom... It's Melancholy...

I have started to write again!!!

Wow… It seems to be something worth celebrating! However, reflecting on the statement above, I have come to a conclusion that my boredom has reached its saturation point again.

Well, indeed. I was extremely busy with all sorts of things during the past few months. Meetings, practices and preparations for the Chinese New Year festival, somehow managed to keep me occupied every day. I did put in a lot of effort. After organizing the Chinese New Year Fiesta and taking care of the final clean-up works as the president, I can finally announce that the fiesta was a big success. It went on smoothly, thanks to the effort everyone had shown.

Hence, there goes the busiest day in my Matriculation life. The rest of my time in Penang Matriculation College, should be spent on studying and preparing for the final exam, just like what every student should do. And…

… That just pisses me off…

Well, it’s to the extent where my boredom starts to pour its effects like rain, just like clouds reaching its saturation point. As if a flood alarm, my melancholy meter also raise to a record-breaking level. I felt weak and tired immediately after the fiesta ends. Whenever I think of the monotonous days, with nothing much to do, except going to and fro my small hostel room and daily classes, made me extremely sick. The class is, of course, a den of extreme boredom and unhappiness. I don’t even know what the teachers are mumbling about...

You know, whenever our blood glucose level increases over a specific boundary, negative feedback mechanism kicks in, releasing insulin to decrease it to its normal level. I believe that the Bio students would clearly know the danger of “positive” feedback mechanism. It might cause death in certain cases, and that’s what causes my worry... I have positive feedback mechanism… for both my melancholy and boredom.

“Melancholy” α “Boredom” and “Boredom” α “Melancholy”, ( 'α' is the sign for 'directly proportional to') which means that, when my boredom increases, so does my melancholy; and when my melancholy increases, it implies the same effect on my boredom. If I don’t do something to put a halt on this never ending cycle, death might be very near for me!

Therefore, I often have strange ideas when such loop appears. Although the same ideas repeat themselves every time, I just have to carry out those ideas in mind (including creating blogs, writing novel, playing extremely hard classical guitar pieces, making dolls, strolling around college compound with no reason, download whatever anime or music I can find over the internet, trying out potentially “harmful” experiment and etc.), in order to prevent myself from doing something stupid, such as writing the meaningless equation above. (I am referring to the “Melancholy-Boredom Law” above…)

So sorry to be long-winded… What I am trying to express is – Here we go “again”! I “again” hope that this renewed blog will not, “again”, be a half way or quarter way work, and I “again”, hope for my friends to enjoy reading it.

Due to the boredom I have been going through, I have spent 2 days studying the structure of HTML in BLOGSPOT. I came across an extremely helpful webpage, teaching newbie like me how to personalise my blog. Here’s the address

I am trying my best to modify my blog to make it livelier. As you can see, the pictures, backgrounds and headers are all changed. Also, it has an added bonus. Whenever you refresh my page, you will see a different background. How’s that?

It might not seem interesting to you, but that’s my effort. If you would like to add this feature too, I am glad to help!

That’s all for now. Quite a long page, isn’t it? Just to say,

I am back!